When you hire Canyon Pacific,
you get something that the others


We know that nothing is worse to an HOA than having lists and lists of things that don’t get done and then aggravate the owners. To eliminate this problem, we have created a unique tool to help our managers keep your HOA’s on track. It’s our computer shared desktop task lists with “by when” dates. We’ve spent years developing it. Our managers update them daily. In this way, we all help each other to see tasks completed. We have them for every building we manage and I look at them to see that you are getting the
service you deserve.

Hear what other HOA’s have to say about Canyon Pacific Management:
“We’ve had other management companies, but none like Canyon Pacific. We found our “to do” list just grew and grew until we met them. Their team utilizes a “real time” task list which keeps them focused and completion oriented. Things get done and our building looks great!
Arguello Street HOA

“Canyon Pacific Management has helped us improve our building. We needed a new roof, new windows, deck and finally stucco repairs. It was a big job and they brought in professionals every step of the way. During it all they even helped me design improvements to my own unit and coordinated it all for me. Their service is excellent!”

Gough Street HOA