Apartment and Commercial
Building Management

What are your goals with your building? Steady long term growth; short term acquisition, remodel and sell; aggressive remodel and market repositioning are all goals we have helped our owners achieve. We manage for large portfolio owners and small pride of ownership owners. Just tell us what your goals are, and we’ll help you achieve them with a systematic, comprehensive approach we have taken years to perfect. We employ a full time maintenance staff and maintenance supervisors in our affiliated company, Canyon Pacific Maintenance. As with our Homeowners Association Management, our idea is not to wait till we need to be reactive, it is to be ahead of the curve. Having both management and maintenance capability at our fingertips helps us stay where we want to be with your property. We begin by listening to you, and then we then set out to be the most responsive, proactive organization we can be while meeting your goals. Sound interesting? Let us show you buildings we manage, and why they are different. To find out how we do it, read below please.

Manager Responsiveness

Each tenant is given the cell phone and office phone number of the manager we assign to your property. Each property manager has a weekly management meeting with us and reports on his own task list, collection issues, general building issues, and maintenance issues. The form we use is organized so that we can see when the task came in, and then we work with the manager to establish a “by when” date the task is to be completed. We track the “by when” dates and we review progress weekly. It works! In this way, manager responsiveness is assured. Each tenant can use our 24 hour Canyon Pacific Maintenance Company emergency response services by calling our office and pressing extension 1 to reach a full time maintenance person on call that evening.

As President, and the owner and founder of our firm, I am available for consultation at anytime to you. The manager assigned to your property and I monitor your property from a strict day to day operations standpoint, and also sees the bigger picture as well. He and I can recommend long term capital improvement strategies, capital cost passthrough strategies, strategies regarding problem tenants, refer you to mortgage brokers should you wish to refinance an overpriced loan, even provide ideas to save on operating costs using PG&E sponsored rebate programs. He and I review your insurance coverages and rates, and we put your existing coverage out to bid with a package policy our firm has negotiated with Heffernen Insurance Brokers which may save you money. You are under no obligation regards this insurance program, but it has proved very valuable to our clients and we offer it to you at no extra cost or markup.

This “team approach” between Canyon Pacific Management and Canyon Pacific Maintenance employees assures that your property is attended to in the most professional and responsive manner possible.

Vacancy Marketing

This is a very critical aspect of running property in San Francisco, especially with rent control. We utilize rent board approved forms, and notices to deal with tenants and create paper trails. We are members of the San Francisco Professional Property Management Association and utilize their form lease exclusively. We do everything “according to Hoyle” and doing this is essential if you want successful results over the long term with property in San Francisco.

It is imperative that we make your vacant units shine, and then that we get top dollar for them each time a tenant moves. We have up to the minute information on the market. We employ a “marketing team” approach where our managers help each other to fill units. They scour the vacancies in your neighborhood, and go look at the competition’s units. Then they rent your units at the best price to the best tenant. We use Craig’s List almost exclusively at this point for this purpose. Our ads, while not too slick, are sophisticated and informative. We include pictures, a cell phone number to call us, and we hold open houses to create competition. We’ve even started using videos imbedded into our ads to show an apartment at it’s best. No stone is left unturned when a unit comes to market. You (and we) may be living with that tenant for years to come, so we are very selective and use specialized tools and credit scores from our credit agency to check on a tenant’s stability.


Control of Maintenance Costs

Your manager and I work together on reviewing your ongoing maintenance costs at the property. We look for items that are poorly installed, or perhaps below grade regarding quality, and encourage you to replace these items with longer lasting products or materials. If you have a big job, we bring in specialty contractors to develop the scope and description of the work to be done, we put that described work out to bid, and we present bids to you for your approval. Then, if you request by separate agreement, we coordinate getting the work done for a percentage of the job’s cost. We work with a number of Bay Area contractors, engineers, and most recently water intrusion engineers to decide what to do and how to do it. Really, preventative maintenance is the way to lower operating costs. Reactive last minute solutions always cost more. Canyon Pacific Maintenance employs a full time crew of 12 maintenance and renovation personnel. Tenants can call us anytime, 24 hours a day on our emergency hot line, and we are there for them. We respond to maintenance requests because we have a separate profit center in maintenance, something most apartment managers do not have. This causes other management companies to be reactive rather than proactive.

Financial Controls

We use the most sophisticated property management software available today: Jenarc Property Management. Using it, we produce rent rolls, delinquency reports, and expense reports our managers use during the month. At month end and year end, you are provided with a package of information including Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Delinquency Report, and a General Ledger report that lists each and every item of income and expense at your property. Images of paid bills are now associated with each paid bill in reports we can produce for you. In this way, you stay fully informed at all times.

Accounting Services

We provide a full range of Accounting Services so our Boards always have the information they need at their
fingertips. Services and Reports we provide are:

  • Payment of all operating bills
  • Collection of and billing for monthly HOA dues and Special Assessments up to the point of formal collection proceedings
  • Production of financial reporting packages including presentation to each Board member statements of
    actual income and expense vs. budgeted income and expense, a check register, a general ledger detailing
    each expense item, a list of owner assessments receivable, a balance sheet outlining the assets of the
    HOA, and an actual copy of all HOA Operating Fund and Reserve Fund bank statements with bank
    statement reconciliations
  • Separate accounting of Reserve Fund account with planned deposits from the Operating Fund
    Production of annual budget for approval of the Board in accordance with the Reserve Fund study
    provided by others
  • Coordinate and prepare reports as necessary for end of year review and tax return preparation by
    Association’s CPA