Homeowner Association Management

Homeowner Association Management

What would you like to come home to? That is the question we asked ourselves when we first began Association Management services in San Francisco in 1991. Our idea was not to wait till we needed to be reactive, it was to be ahead of the curve. We began by listening to Association Boards of Directors talk about their existing management companies. We then set out to become the most responsive, proactive organization we could be. What we heard guided us in structuring our services so that they create superbly maintained, safe, and inviting places to live.

Our services include:

  • Building Maintenance
  • Common Area Maintenance
  • Property Inspections
  • Board of Director’s Services
  • Accounting Services

Building Maintenance

As codes have changed, the sophistication of many of the buildings we manage has increased. As part of our project coordination service,  we are able to create a  “Systems Calendar”. To do this, we speak  with a list of the vendors involved with every part of the building’s physical plant. We then review the building with these vendors and create an annual “Systems Calendar” which is shared with and approved by the Board of Directors. No part of the building is ignored. We look at Fire Monitoring and Safety Systems, Emergency Lighting, Emergency Backup Generators, Elevators, Heating Ventilating and Boiler Systems, Roofs, Sprinkler Systems, Fire Extinguishers and Fire Escapes to be certain they are properly maintained and have had their certifications as required by local and state fire marshals.
Our maintenance company, Canyon Pacific Maintenance, employs supervisors and handymen we use to stay ahead of garage doors, graffiti, entry systems, and other maintenance jobs an HOA needs. We are capable of performing specialized remodeling jobs, coordinating capital improvements, or simple maintenance as required. In fact, Canyon Pacific Maintenance is available for immediate response to all owners 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Common Area Maintenance

It’s common area, but what we do to it is anything but common! Boards of Directors want us not just to maintain the common areas, they want us to make them sparkle. It’s just too expensive to let common areas deteriorate. Consistent day in and day out maintenance, move in/move out protection, and even upgrades are what we are frequently asked for. How we deliver that is by bringing alternatives to you. Your existing services are evaluated and we provide recommendations. A range of gardeners and janitors are available to us to tailor maintenance systems to your buildings and most especially their budgets. We’ve employed landscape and interior designers to create something special when asked. We ask them all to treat your building as if it was their own. Once we have your approval, we go to work on what you’ve decided you want.

Property Inspections

The basis of any good property management company is regular property inspections. Our managers are trained using shared task lists we store on our Customer Relations Management (CRM) software. We are able to share them amongst ourselves, and with you. We set timelines, goals, and objectives. We look in on our vendors cleaning and maintenance so we can get your HOA’s property into what we call the “Ahh – HOA” state. It’s more work to get it there, but when and if we can it’s easier for us and for you.

Board of Directors’ Services

The buildings have become more complex, but so has interaction between Boards of Directors and the communities they serve. Law changes have affected disclosure and election requirements. Canyon Pacific provides services that assist the Board in this new environment. We prepare an array of reports that make it easier to serve on a Board of Directors at a property Canyon Pacific Manages

  • Shared Task List. It’s how WE get things done so you don’t have to! We share it amongst ourselves and with you all the time so everyone is on the same page using our online Customer Relations Management (CRM)software. Our Boards of Directors can see open, closed, and pending items before every meeting as part of their Board Packet so they can review and prepare for upcoming meetings.
  • Board Packet. It has the Shared Task List, a meeting Agenda with discussion of all items requiring review, Financial Summary, Financial Package and the Prior Minutes which indicate decisions made and persons assigned to tasks if not a Canyon Pacific employee. It’s all right there, step by step, so that our Boards are current, and actually making decisions proactively instead of reactively.
  • Notification of association members of next meeting/agenda. The new laws require this, and we make certain HOA’s remain in compliance.
  • Review of ongoing construction. We provides updates to the Association for ongoing construction work if any, and also provide guidance and references with from contractors, plumbers, electricians, water intrusion engineers, etc. that we have worked with over the years.
  • Compliance Review. We keep our Boards apprised of the latest homeowner association laws, and we coordinate annual disclosures as required by new HOA laws regarding the Reserve Funding Plan, the Pro Forma Operating Budget, and the Disclosure Summary. Note our industry affiliations which help us stay current.