About Us

About us

Founded in 1991 by Tom Scripps, we focus on adding value and providing premium level customer service for our clients. Adding value means having Canyon Pacific Maintenance on hand 24/7 to field calls and fix problems quickly. It means not simply doing the easiest thing; it means doing the right thing. Our service is always based on a complete understanding of our client’s unique goals and objectives and then utilizing our systems and creativity to produce the results they are looking for. Our Condominium Homeowner boards of directors are looking for accountability to budgets, full compliance with changing laws, and premium care and responsiveness to the condominium owners they serve as volunteers.

With the talent base we have in house, we provide options clients are looking for so they can make good decisions. Apartment and Commercial owners are given several options regarding vacancy remodeling and building upgrades and maintenance. Our Condominium Association clients receive bids on their maintenance contracts and repair items. Clients benefit by our use of desktop shared task lists and in the cloud client accessible Pilera Customer Relations Software (CRM) software so details are not lost in the shuffle that is daily property management. So that you don’t have to, we hold weekly staff meetings with our team. We continually seek solutions that improve our service and add value to our clients using technology and a superb team of people.

Message from the President

Successful property management must always have two key elements: teamwork and accessibility. All managers will say that we must be professional, have systems, and care for our properties as if we owned them. We must act as a team with our clients and owners and we must have fun doing it. Successful management of a company (or a property!) is not one person dictating to the other, it is creating a strong sense of trust and teamwork within the office so that can be felt and utilized by the clients (and properties!) we serve. We ask each other what the problems are with our properties and then we see who has the best ideas to solve them.

The weekly process we follow is something we look forward to. In turn, you will look forward to working with us and your property will too.


  • Member, Professional Property Management of San Francisco
  • Member, San Francisco Apartment Association
  • Member, California Association of Realtors
  • Member: California Association of Community Managers